The YOLE-SERIES shows Euro Diffusions original Coastal Rowing boat design. These boats have a straight-forward shape and robust structure. They are THE ideal boats to explore and develop your Coastal Rowing skills. All YOLE boats are conform to FISA regulations.


The new X-SERIES line is engineered for competitive Coastal Rowing.
Designed by the well-known naval architect Luc Bouvet the X-SERIES is built using a vacuum infusion process. The X-SERIES offers three construction models: Club, Competition and Green


This is Euro Diffusions answer to Coastal Rowers desire to row anywhere and anytime - easy to handle and to place on the roof rack of a car. Lighter in weight but designed and built with the same quality, stability and performance for which Euro Diffusions is known.

An aesthetic boat that you can personalize with decals and in any desired RAL color. The X-Light offers three construction models: Club, Competition, Green.